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Ever wonder if your neighbors have enough to eat?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our founder Natalie Flores heard from moms all over L.A. that their families were on the brink of going hungry. At the same time, she knew that tons of edible food goes into L.A. landfills. The gap between need and excess didn’t make sense, so Natalie made it her goal to connect hungry neighbors with extra food from local organizations, gardens, farms, restaurants, and supermarkets. As a passionate gardener, community advocate, and non-profit veteran, Natalie was in the perfect position to bridge the gap and Nourish LA was born.

Today, Natalie and her team of volunteers feed over 1,000 people every weekend. Any leftover food or green waste is composted so it doesn’t end up in the landfill. Aside from distributing food, Nourish LA also hosts occasional community events including seedling giveaways, community gardening, and clothing drives. At Nourish LA, we stand by our neighbors, our community, and the environment. We know that nourishment is both food and connection, so we’re here to spread the love one bag of groceries at a time.

In 2023, we recovered and distributed 1,007,574 pounds of food to 46,110 angelenos in need.

Our Partners

Our Staff

Natalie Flores-Blackner

Founder and CEO

Natalie Flores Blackner is a mom, wife and passionate advocate for community empowerment and sustainable food systems. With a background in community engagement and urban farming, Natalie has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between people and their food sources. As a former Community Engagement Coordinator, she worked tirelessly to foster connections within diverse communities, empowering individuals to take an active role in shaping their local food landscape.

Driven by her commitment to addressing food insecurity and environmental sustainability, Natalie founded NourishLA, a groundbreaking nonprofit organization. Under her leadership, Nourish LA has become a driving force in the fight against food waste while simultaneously promoting community well-being. Through innovative urban farming initiatives and educational outreach programs, Natalie and her team work tirelessly to promote access to fresh, healthy food and to cultivate vibrant, inclusive community spaces.

With her dynamic leadership and unwavering dedication, Natalie continues to inspire positive change, transforming neighborhoods and lives one seed at a time.

Jessica Castillo

Operations Manager

Jamal Tatum

Lead Driver

Felix Thomas

Operations Intern

Brooke Ramos

Volunteer Coordinator




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